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We’re so glad you found us.

Formerly known as Over 50’s Adventure Tours, COVID-19 presented us with the opportunity to rethink… rebirth… and rebrand into one of the most exciting tour companies in Australia… The Funtastic Tour Company.

We take your health seriously.

We are thrilled to be adventuring with you again! As your health and safety is our number one priority, we will continue adhering to our COVID-19 Checklist, minimising any risks and ensuring we’re following all required regulations.

We’re still having morning tea stops on some tours and, following the new strict guidelines, biscuits will now be served in single serve packages. Unfortunately, this is not a positive move for the environment, nor is the fact that all cups and cutlery need to be single-use disposable, too. However we’ll do the best we can for now, and look forward to the day we can move to more sustainable practices.

During these stops, the inside of the bus will be sanitised so that shared surfaces are wiped down to meet hygiene regulations. If you feel unwell on your tour and display COVID-like symptoms, please ask for a face mask for the safety of yourself and others.

Whilst all these measures may seem a little tedious, please understand that we only want the best for you.

We can't wait to meet you!

Grab yourself a cuppa, have a look around our website. As one of the best tour companies in Australia, we’ve curated some of the greatest adventures you can find, both here and abroad. If you’re inspired, please join us on one of our tours. We’d love to have you adventuring with us!

We look forward to creating more connection, friendships, fun and laughter… one adventure at a time!

Warmest regards,

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A great day out enjoying what life has to offer. Experience diverse landscapes, interesting attractions, fascinating experiences and delicious food. Reconnect with yourself and your passions, all while meeting new people, having lots of laughs and forming new friendships with one of the top tour companies, Australia.

holiday escapes

Being guided by our values of Integrity, Authenticity, Quality, Fun, Friendship and Adventure, we are dedicated to offering our clientele a safe, fun and memorable experience. Our holiday escapes range from one to seven (or more) nights. You'll stay at quality accommodation, eating delicious food (yes, we’re also avid foodies) and do fun and interesting activities at places we either already enjoy or expect to enjoy.

live performances

We're not just an Australian tour company, we're also an ardent fan of the arts (OK, Trevor not so much). We're always on the lookout for interesting shows, performances and concerts. We'll often get tickets at Caloundra’s Event Centre, Brisbane’s QPAC, Opera at Jimbour and whatever else inspires us.

pub appreciation

Departing from the Sunshine Coast. Each Aussie Pub is unique, with it's own personality and vibe. They all help to create and strengthen friendships and mate-ships with fun and laughter! Join us on our Pub Appreciation Tours to local iconic Australian Pubs on the last Saturday of each month.

As one of the top tour companies in Australia, we have the experience to create beautiful day tours, holiday escapes and bucket-list experiences - no matter what you're passionate about.

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