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    Travel is our passion, it’s what drives us and is integral to who we are as people/individuals.

    We are dedicated to a safe, fun and memorable experience

    Driven to create immersive transformational experiences, share adventures and forge memories, we created Coast to Hinterland Tours offering Scenic Day Tours around the Sunshine Coast region.

    That was back in July 2017, although we didn’t host our first tour until almost 12 months later. First, we did our research, a lot of research and product development. Taking a step forward needs to be forward, and we wanted to get it right the first time; which we did. It was also about then that we decided we also wanted to do extended tours.

    Now, life has a way of leading us to our destination, even if there are a few corners to round before getting there. The stars aligned and an opportunity presented itself, the chance to help two amazing people (Sib & Trevor) ensure that their legacy would continue “The Funtastic Tour Company”, so we stepped in and bought it from them. We aim to continue creating outstanding experiences and adventures for years to come.

    So come join us, let’s make some memories and enjoy the journey!


    At The Funtastic Tour Company, we are dedicated to crafting unforgettable travel experiences for those over 50.

    Based on the Sunshine Coast, we offer various tours, from engaging day trips and theatre outings to delightful luncheons in Southeast Queensland. Our offerings include short break bus tours within Queensland and northern New South Wales and extended guided holidays throughout Australia.

    We prioritise comfort, community, and local expertise, ensuring every trip is enjoyable and stress-free. Join us to experience travel tailored just for you.


    To provide exceptional travel experiences that prioritise safety, comfort, and unwavering customer-focused service, each and every day of the week.


    We aspire to solidify our standing as the most sought-after and reputable tour operator on the Sunshine Coast, earning the trust and respect of both our valued partners and cherished customers.


    We are Committed to Quality

    We are Driven by Passion

    We are committed to Continuous Improvement

    We are Devoted to Customer Focus

    Faces of Brilliance: Meet the Minds Driving Our Vision


    Unveiling Hidden Gems: Meet Our Expert Tour Guides & Drivers

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    I am a consummate organiser with a passion for tourism and travel. I’ve not only studied tourism but I’ve also lived it, having visited over 80 countries. Leaving Zimbabwe with my family at age 9, we settled in South Africa before migrating to Australia.

    I finished school in Townsville before completing an Associate Diploma of Business in Travel and Tourism. I began working for a local travel agency, before taking over its management.

    Taking a break from the travel industry I ventured into selling print media advertising, developing further my customer service skills. My passion for adventure ignited with the prospect of a working holiday; the UK opened its arms and welcomed me to its shores. I was immersed in travel, visiting over 50 countries during my time away. New jobs allowed me to further develop my organisational and leadership skills, and learn new skills that have become integral to Coast to Hinterland Tours. Now the Mark Owner is the part of The Funtastic Tour Company.

    Not content to stay in one location or one industry, an impulse decision saw me land in Shetland on the working side of the bar, sharing stories with locals and visitors, before returning to London in a new leadership role. This was another stepping stone, a chapter in a longer story. With my finger pointed the globe turned once more, this time stopping at Slovenia.

    Soon work led me back to tourism; I became Sales & Customer Relations Manager for an online company selling travel packages throughout Europe. 4+ years later, I was back in London, planning my return to Australia.

    Settling on the Sunshine Coast despite never having been here before was another challenge to be met. I had lived in 6 countries, one of them where I didn’t have the language, so how hard could it be? I found my feet before I had taken off my shoes, this was my new home; paradise. The Funtastic Tour Company

    Starting a business was the only thing to do. I had found paradise and wanted to share it with as many people as I could; and what better way to do that than to utilise all of my skills and experience to create a company that would allow me to do just that? So I created Coast to Hinterland Tours. My passion for adventure, my love of food, of nature, of where I live, this place was too good not to share.

    My life has always been an adventure and I will continue to make adventure my life. The rest, well, it’s still happening.

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    Geoff is a born and bred Queenslander from a small country town in the Central Highlands. Before settling on the Sunshine Coast Geoff worked extensively in a diverse range of customer service roles around Queensland, before jetting off to pursue his passion for travel, exploring the world, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people. Since 2003 he has visited a total of 71 countries and lived in 4.

    In 2015, Geoff moved to the Sunshine Coast, choosing this region for its exceptional beauty, the fresh local produce, and the unique Sunshine Coast energy that draws people in. Not to mention the incredible scenery and the plethora of places to see and explore. Geoff fell in love with the beaches, the rainforest, the open fields, the hinterland towns, and how significantly the scenery can change over a short distance.

    With so much diversity, Geoff has no single favourite place on the Sunshine Coast – every single place is his favourite for its own reason and there is not a single place on the coast that he wouldn’t go back to. When he isn’t at work Geoff enjoys exploring the Sunshine Coast through a range of hobbies including camping, hiking and cycling, as well as reading, cooking, writing, and travelling.

    In 2018 Geoff’s experience and passion for travel and tourism, the Sunshine Coast, meeting new people, and providing an exceptional customer experience all came together when he welcomed the first customers to Coast to Hinterland Tours.

    Despite spending so much of his time travelling the Sunshine Coast, Geoff still loves meeting customers and showing them around the area, sharing the region’s history and stories, and taking in the scenery and venues that make up the tours. He is truly passionate about his work and never tires of driving around, showing off the slice of paradise that is the Sunshine Coast.

    The Funtastic Tour Company Over 50's Day Tours

    Welcome to The Funtastic Over 50's Tour Company, where adventure knows no age limits!

    Embark on Unforgettable Adventures with The Funtastic Over 50’s Tour Company: Experience Fun, Thrills, and Magic in Every Journey

    At The Funtastic Tour Company, we’re not just about tours; we’re about crafting memories that linger, adventures that thrill, and experiences that bring joy. If you’re over 50 and seeking excitement, camaraderie, and a touch of magic in your travels, you’re in the right place.

    Why Choose The Funtastic Over 50’s Tour Company?

    Your Recipe for a Funtastic Journey

    Don the explorer’s hat, leave the worries behind and step into a world where age is just a number. The Funtastic Tour Company invites you to join Mark & Geoff, the passionate minds behind our specifically designed day trips.

    We understand that generic tours may not cater to your unique interests. You deserve more than the ordinary, and that’s where we come in.

    Tired of large, impersonal groups and predictable itineraries? Craving something tailor-made, intimate, and filled with hidden gems? Yearning for the thrill of a new adventure, yet ensuring safety and satisfaction?

    Introducing Our Specifically Designed Day Trips – where your desires become the compass, and every stop unfolds a new chapter of joy.

    Personalised Experiences:

    Your journey, your way. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, a food lover, or simply in awe of nature, our day trips are crafted to match your preferences.

    Expertly Curated Itineraries:

    Mark & Geoff, your travel architects, meticulously plan each step. From excitement to relaxation, every moment is a carefully chosen note in the symphony of your adventure.

    Small Group Adventures:

    We keep it intimate, allowing for personalised attention, meaningful connections with fellow travellers, and the chance to forge new friendships.

    Uncover Hidden Gems:

    Beyond the tourist hubs, we take you to places off the beaten path – charming local spots, authentic experiences, and hidden gems that linger in your heart.

    Why The Funtastic Over 50’s Tour Company?

    In 2017, Coast to Hinterland Tours was born from a passion for immersive transformational experiences. Fast forward to today, and we proudly present The Funtastic Over 50’s Tour Company, continuing the legacy of outstanding adventures started by Sib & Trevor.

    Join us on this journey, where every step is an opportunity to create memories, share laughter, and savour the joy of exploration. Let’s make the golden years truly golden—come, be a part of The Funtastic Over 50’s Tour Company family! 🚌✨

    Come check out what’s happening! :- The Funtastic Tour Company