what kind of escape interests you?

Choose from a day tour exploring the Sunshine Coast, attending a live performance with a group,  or joining us on a well deserved longer holiday escape. 

Port Aurthur Tasmania

Join us on our comfortable air-conditioned 34 seat coach as we explore the surrounding areas of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

A great day out enjoying what life has to offer, including: diverse landscapes; interesting attractions; fascinating experiences; delicious food; and reconnecting with yourself and your passions, all while meeting new people, having lots of laughs and forming new friendships.

Home pick-ups and drop-offs, where practical.

Morning tea is provided on most days.

You’ll be amazed how many delightful places there are to visit, only a coach ride away!

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Being an ardent fan of the arts (OK, Trevor not so much) we are always on the lookout for interesting shows / performances / concerts and will often get tickets at Caloundra’s Event Centre, Brisbane’s QPAC, Opera at Jimbour and whatever else inspires us.

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Being guided by our values of Integrity, Authenticity, Quality, Fun, Friendship and Adventure, we are dedicated to offering our clientele a safe, fun and memorable experience.

Knowing that little things mean a lot, our intention is to consistently provide excellent value with genuine caring and a personal touch.

Our holiday escapes range from 1 – 7+ nights, staying at quality accommodation, eating delicious food (yes, we’re both avid foodies), doing fun and interesting activities at places we either already enjoy or expect to enjoy.

Bird of paradise flower

Experience a tour at an iconic Sunshine Coast venue including Australia Zoo, Eumundi Markets and more…….

"Because we believe ‘rushing’ has no place in a healthy lifestyle, our schedules allow for plenty of relaxation and wandering. We value simply ‘being’ and allow time to reconnect with ourselves as well as connecting with others. Quite often, the best times are had sitting around a table having meaningful conversation – no matter where we are in the world!"

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